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Black Project Fins Type-R

Black Project Fins Type-R / Racing and Slalom

Τιμή πώλησης 155,00 €
ποσότητα φόρου 28,98 €

Type R – Race & Slalom Windsurfing Fin

RACING is what the Type R windsurfing fin is all about with uncompromised performance across a wide range of conditions. The proprietary laminar flow foil is designed to produce maximum performance in slalom racing conditions with high lift and low drag. This translates to better acceleration and higher speeds. Speed is nothing without control however and this fin delivers unmatched stability with plenty of grip giving the confidence to push as hard as possible no mater how rough the course gets.


  • Maximum performance: Close reach to broad reach
  • Moderate rake for board control
  • Modified elliptical outline for maximum efficiency
  • Highly spin-out resistant
  • Solid G-10 Tuttle base
  • Threaded brass inserts

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