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Sailloft Curve

Sailloft Curve - a wave sail for all wave conditions

For all kinds of wind and wave conditions.

Lighter, loser, softer. An innovative sail fabric and a better outline stand out as the defining characteristics of the new 2014 CURVE. Using the new lighter 4mill x-ply, we managed to shed some weight without losing the legendary durability this sail is so well known for.

A shorter boom and a shorter sail-foot improve the handling of the sail compared to its predecessor. The wider sail head with increased loose leech guarantees more control. With a softer and more stable ON/OFF feeling the CURVE becomes  the perfect partner in every turn.

Point-of-pressure stability and perfectly balanced power in a huge wind range is what extensive research and development on the five battened CURVE has resulted in.

It doesn’t matter how high your sailing level is, the CURVE will convince with its outstanding performance and construction quality.

Compact, universal wind range and virtually undestroyable!
Colour combinations:

  1. cyan/magenta
  2. white/orange


Minimum mast concept One mast can be used for a large variety of sails.
Use of extremely durable 4 mil X-Ply sailcloth in the luff and foot. 4 mil X-Ply sailcloth is a laminate made from x-ply and cloth providing maximum durability. The material is made exclusively for us.
Almost all panels are made with X-ply. Reduced weight combined with extreme durability
Reinforcements made with X-ply. Maximizes the sail life with minimal weight
Windowpanel made with thick monofilm Perfect visibility, minimal stretching and a consistent pressure point
Continuous luff made with 4 mil X-Ply No Stretching in the luff, consistent pressure point, maintains shape for years.
Narrow batten pockets Reduced weight. The batten tensioning is transmitted more effectively.
Mast sleeve made with polyester Absorbs minimal water. Excellent durability.
Sleeve Opener Enables the mast to be inserted with ease.
Extra Large Mast protector Better protection for board and feet.
Cover for Batten Tensioner Better protection for board and feet.
Chafe protection at the foot Less wear on the sail.
Triple pulley block with big wheels Makes trimming the sail effortless.
Roll up strap Elastic to secure the sail in place once it is rolled up.
3,7 371 147 370/400* 17/19 CC 5 Vario
4,0 386 150 370/400* 17/19 CC 5 Vario
4,2 391 151 370/400* 17/19 CC 5 Vario
4,5 403 159 370/400* 17/19 CC 5 Vario
4,7 407 162 370/400* 17/19 CC 5 Fix
5,0 415 169 400 19 CC 5 Fix
5,3 424 172 400 19 CC 5 Fix
5,6 430 179 400 19 CC 5 Fix

Technical changes reserved

* recommended mast length:
rider < 70kg -> short (softer) mast
rider > 90kg -> long (stiffer) mast

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