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Sailloft Cross

Sailloft Cross - planing ecstasy without handling loss

Planing, planing, planing!

The all new Sailloft CROSS is lighter, faster and more compact.

Now featuring our new 4mill’ X-ply, the CROSS just went on a diet and lost even more weight.

A new and improved outline with a narrower head and a wider sail foot has resulted in a lower point-of-pressure within the sail. The bigger cut-out at the clew and the shorter boom aid an improved, and more comfortable, handling during manuevures.

A deeper and lower profile underneath the boom guarantees a the maximum potential for early planing. With the flater profile above the boom the sail gains more control in high end conditions and therefor maximizes the top-speed.

In the smaller sizes, 5.5 and 6.0, the Cross, with its 5 battens, is ideally suited to the heavier freeride windsurfer. From 6.5 and up, and with six battens, the CROSS turns into an easy to handle freeride sail with outstanding top-end potential.

Early planing ability, combined with top speed and a comfortable handling all in one sail! In addition a full bodied x-ply construction leads to unrivaled stability and durability.


Colour combinations:

  1. orange/red
  2. cyan/grey
Minimum mast concept One mast can be used for a large variety of sails.
Narrow mastsleeve Absorbs minimal water.
No Cams Easy handling
SBC – Short Boom Concept Better handling and more control because of more loose leech.
Continuous luff made with 4-mil X-Ply No Stretching in the luff, consistent pressure point, maintains shape for years.
Narrow batten pockets Reduced weight. The batten tensioning is transmitted more effectively.
Mast sleeve made with polyester Absorbs minimal water. Excellent durability.
Sleeve Opener Enables the mast to be inserted with ease.
Extra Large Mast protector Better protection for board and feet.
Chafe protection at the foot Less wear on the sail.
Triple pulley block with big wheels Makes trimming the sail effortless.
Roll up strap Elastic to secure the sail in place once it is rolled up.
5,5 438 177 400/430 19/25 CC 5 Fix
6,0 446 186 430 21 CC 5 Fix
6,5 455 187 430 21 CC 6 Fix
7,0 465 198 430/460 21/25 CC 6 Fix
7,5 474 204 460 25 CC 6 Fix
8,0 490 212 460/490 25/29 CC 6 Fix

Technical changes reserved

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