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Άλμπουρο Enemii SDM Mast 75 - 490

Άλμπουρο Enemii SDM 490, 75% Carbon Constant Curve

Άλμπουρο Enemii SDM 490, 75% Carbon Constant Curve με θήκη

High-end technology and a reduced carbon percentage enable the production of the SDM 75% carbon mast. This mast is suited for ambitious hobby-freerider who do not want to pass on high-tech and high-quality materials. It offers you the best price-performance ratio and additionally provides you with a feeling of relaxed windsurfing combined with the security of being able to completely count on you mast at any time. The appeal of the SDM 75, just like the SDM 100, is the excellent flexing capability allowing it to achieve top scores.
Naturally, the SDM 75 carbon mast has a reinforced boom area and the outer layer is covered with a Silver UV-Shield for protection from damages/hits and UV irradiation.

Target Group: ambitious Freerider / Freeracer

Features: SDM 75
1. 75% Carbon
2. Silver UV-Shield Protection
3. boom markers for easy adjustment
4. improved reflex values
5. incl. mast equipment bag
6. 24 months warranty


Mast System Carbon Flex Base* Flex Top* IMCS Weight
enemii SDM 75% 430 SDM 75% 62% 75% 21 1,95kg
enemii SDM 75% 460 SDM 75% 62% 75% 25 2,15kg
enemii SDM 75% 490 SDM 75% 62% 75% 28 2,45kg
* +/- 2% Tolerance

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